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Aloe Vera - Gorgeous Hair, Glowing skin, Soothing within.

Aloe, native to Africa, is also known as "Lily of the Desert", the "Plant of Immortality", and the "Medicine Plant".  In 1500 BC Egyptians recorded use of the herbal plant in treating burns, infections and parasites very successfully. Ancient Greeks, Arabs and Spaniards have used the plant throughout the millennia.  African hunters still rub the gel on their bodies to reduce perspiration and their scent.

Extensive research since the 1930's has shown that the clear gel has dramatic ability to heal wounds, ulcers and burns by putting a protective coating on the affected areas and speeding up the healing rate. The plant is about 96% water.  The rest of it contains active ingredients including essential oil, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glycoproteins. 

Herbal Aloe Vera Concentrate (473 mls - provides 31 servings)

Herbalife has succeeded, through scientific development, to capture and stabilise the acclaimed organic nutrients found in the aloe vera plant. Experts recommend we should consume at least 2 litres of water every day for our bodily systems to function optimally. Herbal Aloe Concentrate is a positive and refreshing way to ensure you maintain an adequate level of water consumption, while soothing the digestive system and assisting the natural self-cleansing action of the body. A delicious & refreshing drink as well!

R 347.26

Mango Herbal aloeMango Herbal Aloe Vera Concentrate

Made from the soothing Aloe Vera leaf, Herbal Aloe Concentrate is now available in mango flavour. It's a refreshing drink which contains Aloe Vera juice and no added sugar to give your water a refreshing tropical taste. It is a new large size (473mls) and provides 31 servings.

Hair & Body Herbal Aloe range
Aloe vera products

Our range is:
Clinically Tested
Safe and Gentle for the whole family
Sulphate & Paraben Free
No added colour or dyes
Fresh clean scent

A freshly scented, naturally inspired range of outer nutrition products that strengthens hair and moisturisers skin. Get glowing from Head to Toe.

The botanical extracts in our Herbal Aloe products improve your skin and hair after just one use.* Strengthen and repair your hair , moisturise and soften your skin

Aloe vera Soothing gelHerbal Aloe Soothing Gel (200ml)

Moisturise and soothe your skin with this light gel, infused with Aloe vera.
Helps relieve dry skin. Fragrance-free formula
Infused with Aloe vera and skin conditioning botanicals to moisturise and soothe skin

Key Benefits:
An In-vivo clinical study demonstrated: 100% of participants noticed an improvement in skin’s appearance and feel.
Aloe vera and skin-conditioning botanicals moisturize and soothe.

R 123.72


Aloe Vera Hand and body lotionHerbal Aloe Soothing Hand & Body Lotion 200ml

Lock in moisture for lasting hydration. Increases skin moisture content on average by 100% after just one use*
Aloe vera and African shea butter absorb quickly and leave skin feeling soft and smooth*
Clinically proven to hydrate skin.
100% of Panelists agree that Herbal Aloe Everyday Hand & Body Lotion is non greasy, rubs in quickly, and leaves hands and skin feeling silky soft and smooth
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera & African Shea Butter

* Hand and Body Cream versus baseline after 20 minutes. Based on Nova Meter reading study coupled with blind sensory panelist observations. In-vivo studies conducted by an independent research laboratory demonstrated 100 percent increase in skin hydration when using Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Cream compared to baseline.



Aloe Body barHerbal Aloe Bath & Body Bar 125g

Cleanse and moisturise your skin with this freshly scented bath and body bar.
A blend of Aloe vera, olive oil and Vitamins A, C & E nourish the skin
Gently cleanses without stripping necessary oils from the skin



Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Wash 250ml 

Gentle plant-derived cleansers help cleanse and moisturise your skin. Triple silkening moisturizers help relieve dryness while cleansing the skin. A blend of desert botanical extracts helps maintain healthy skin. Gentle plant-derived cleansers cleanse without stripping skin of essentials oils
Sulphate free
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera & Olive Oil

 Herbal aloe ShampooHerbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml each

Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner restores hair, leaving hair so healthy it shines.
Repairs Hair Damage from the Inside Out
Hair is smoother with improved cuticle structure
Key Benefits
Leaves hair 10 times stronger after just one use*
Hydrolysed wheat protein helps protect, repair and strengthen your hair
Strengthens strands for a softer and silkier feel
Colour-preserving formula
Sulphate and Paraben free
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera & strengthening wheat proteins




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